Use address sub-fields as CPT taxonomy field values in Advanced Post Creation [RESOLVED]

I am using advanced post creation add-on to create custom posts (Physicians). In order to allow the front end user to filter posts by location I need to assign Country, Region and City taxonomies to each post.
Also, I am using ACF for my custom post type.

The problem I am running into is the advanced post creation UI only allows me to select the ‘Address’ field value for the taxonomies and not the sub-fields, ‘City’, ‘Region’ or ‘Country’. I can select sub-fields in the custom fields area but not taxonomies.

I have tried using ACF taxonomy fields and assigning the GF address sub-fields to the taxonomy field but because the address is a text field and not a selector with preset options, this does not work.

How can I assign taxonomies in advanced post creation with the address sub fields?

Hi Zach,

Dario, with Gravity Wiz here. My best guess for this use case would be using Gravity Forms Copy Cat | Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz to copy the sub address data into a hidden Single Line Text field and then using that field to map the Taxonomy or other form values into the Advanced Post Creation Add On.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Dario! That worked beautifully!

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