Update 2.6 not showing or auto-updating [RESOLVED]

Hello. It appears that all of my clients sites that have GF installed are not showing there’s an update for v2.6. I thought I saw an update notice a few days ago and I did not manually update immediately and now when I go back in and check, it shows all my sites are still sitting at Version 2.5.16 and there’s no nag and the standard “There is a new version…” notice is not showing in the plugins list for Gravity Forms. Most of the sites I maintain are also set to auto-update but nothing has updated.

I tried searching if anyone else has this issue or if there was recant announcement but not seeing anything. Was the 2.6 update recently pulled? Or is there something missing?

It’s a phased rollout, not all sites get the update over auto-update immediately.

Check the information under the “Update to Gravity Forms 2.6” heading in the release post: Brand New Release: Gravity Forms 2.6 - Gravity Forms

Got it. I skimmed right over that part for some reason but thanks for the clarification!