Unable to get submit button to wrap at specific viewport

I am using Themeco’s Pro and have always had one of their email forms used to capture subscriptions to our blog. That has had some issues of late and am trying to add a GF form linked to my Mailchimp account, where the blog subscribers live.
Everything seems OK except the styling of the form. The original form was simply 4 fields side by side, all the same height and width and the spacing between them all the same. At 767px, the submit button wrapped to below and then took up 100% of the container, with the other three fields all filling the space above equally.
So I am struggling to get the width of the fields all the same, the spacing right and have it wrap as I’d like. Here is an example of the form at 100% compared to the original

At 767px, the submit fails to wrap at all. It finally wraps at a much lower viewport, but wraps so it is a 2x2 form rather than a 3x1 field
I pretty much used the CSS for the original form, but changed the class so it worked on my GF form.
The form is only on a staging server for the moment, but am happy to give you the URL and login if it helps.
Thanks so much for your time

Hi, Shane.

Can you please share here a link to the form?

Hi Juan
As indicated in the initial post, the site is on a staging server and not yet live, but I am happy to give you the login details so you can see for yourself
Do you have a secure means of passing on the login details?

Hi, Shane.

Feel free to send me a direct message here with the details.

Hi Juan
I got the impression there was meant to be a Secure Note button on all replies to enable sharing such sensitive information, but I don’t see one.
I have no idea how to send a direct message via this forum. I clicked on your profile name, but nothing in there indicates a direct message feature

Hi Shane. I will caution you from sharing login information with anyone on the Internet, even in these forums. If you want to send me a message, click my profile name, then there will be a Message button. Click that to send whatever you like so that we can see your form. Thank you.

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