Temp file upload random string [RESOLVED]


I would like to display images preview on multiupload. This was possible till some time, but for some reason you added GFCommon::random_str( 16 ) in upload.php

it is now not possible to get the temp image name with gform.addFilter('gform_file_upload_markup' 'x')

Is there any other way to get the thumbnail preview please?


same problem for me !
i go back to the previous version while waiting for a solution

Thank you for the reports. We’ve opened an issue for the product team to address this issue. The best place to report issues or ask questions like this would be a support ticket, to assure it receives the proper attention:

Thank you.

Please try updating to version, available from the downloads page, following the steps at How to Manually Update - Gravity Forms Documentation

This new build adds a sixth parameter to the JS version of the gform_file_upload_markup filter, response, which includes the temporary filename and can be accessed like so:

gform.addFilter( 'gform_file_upload_markup', function( html, file, up, strings, imagesUrl, response ) {
    var temp_name = rgars( response, 'data/temp_filename' );
    // Do something with the temp_name.
    return html;
} );
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Thanks @richardw8k it’s work !

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