State Select Issue - Arrow Outside of Box

State field dropdown arrow is outside of the field box. Is there any conflict I can troubleshoot to get this to look right? I tried disabling multiple plugins but maybe missed one (?)…

Thanks in advance!

Have you already checked for conflicts with your theme (in addition to checking for plugin conflicts)? Also, can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form? Thank you.

Hey Chris,

I appreciate your response! See link below… Also, I’m pretty certain I tried troubleshooting the theme but just simply disabling. It is Astra so I’ll look into the theme more as well.

Link to Live Form



Hi Jake. I just checked your form in Firefox on Windows 10, and the arrow is in the correct spot. On what platform are you experiencing the issue?

Ah ok (why don’t I do that more often?!?!).

I’m using Chrome…

Hi Jake. I see the issue same as you when using Chrome. It looks like the problem comes from Elementor CSS (or from a plugin for Elementor). If you test this form in Chrome from the form preview, or using the Twenty Twenty theme, do you see the same thing?

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