Sending a POST request to a form with list field (GF REST API) [RESOLVED]

I’m building different forms with Vue and gravity forms. Everything has been working well so far. However, right now I would like to us the list field to submit different inputs programmatically but I’ve been failing to do so.

This is my field right now:

"fields": [
            "type": "list",
            "id": 4,
            "formId": 3,
            "label": "Available Days & Time",
            "adminLabel": "",
            "isRequired": false,
            "size": "large",
            "errorMessage": "",
            "visibility": "visible",
            "inputs": null,
            "description": "",
            "allowsPrepopulate": false,
            "inputMask": false,
            "inputMaskValue": "",
            "inputMaskIsCustom": false,
            "maxLength": "",
            "inputType": "",
            "labelPlacement": "",
            "descriptionPlacement": "",
            "subLabelPlacement": "",
            "placeholder": "",
            "cssClass": "",
            "inputName": "",
            "noDuplicates": false,
            "defaultValue": "",
            "enableAutocomplete": false,
            "autocompleteAttribute": "",
            "choices": [
                    "text": "Day",
                    "value": "Day",
                    "isSelected": false,
                    "price": ""
                    "text": "Hours",
                    "value": "Hours",
                    "isSelected": false,
                    "price": ""
            "conditionalLogic": "",
            "maxRows": 0,
            "enableColumns": true,
            "productField": "",
            "layoutGridColumnSpan": 12,
            "enableEnhancedUI": 0,
            "layoutGroupId": "b07de714",
            "multipleFiles": false,
            "maxFiles": "",
            "calculationFormula": "",
            "calculationRounding": "",
            "enableCalculation": "",
            "disableQuantity": false,
            "displayAllCategories": false,
            "useRichTextEditor": false,
            "checkboxLabel": "",
            "errors": [],
            "pageNumber": 1,
            "fields": ""

Is a list field that supports 2 values, one is day and the other hour.

I tried sending the next JSON:

  "input_4_1": "Monday",
  "input_4_2": "8-10AM, 10-12AM"

and this is the response:

    "is_valid": false,
    "validation_messages": {
        "4": "At least one field must be filled out"
    "page_number": 1,
    "source_page_number": 1

How should I compose my request to be able to submit multiple values?

In case that any body need it… Thanks to the V1 REST API documentation I found a way to summit multiple lines in the list. This is the request I’m sending now:

  "input_4": [
      "8-10AM, 10-12AM",
      "8-10AM, 10-12AM"

And here is the form in the dashboard:

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