Search Gravity Add On Programmer for custom plugin (API request for flight Data)

Hello community, I’m looking for someone who can build custom gravity ad ons for me.

In this case, it is an add-on that is supposed to search for flight data (such as airport, flight number etc.) with an API request. The API interface is Aviationstack ( I would love to have this API plugin in Gravity Forms because Gravity Forms works very well. At the moment, the user only has to enter all the data manually, and that is exactly what the add-on should make easier.

Can anyone here help me find the right programmer? Thanks in advance!


I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach me at or Skype me: cis.garry

Looking forward for your response.



Hello @user5fe1bf2cd8503352 ,

I can help you out with your requirement.

Please share your detailed requirement over my mail so we can provide you estimation for your requirement.

Awaiting your response.

Thanks and Regards,
Henry P

Their API documentation looks solid. The Gravity Flow Outgoing Webhook step could provide you with a route to self-solve that requirement. The response mapping feature would let you map the needed details for user to make their next choice/action (in a user input step or approval step?).

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