Save Entry Export Settings for future exports

I have a gravity form with over 100 entry fields. But I do the same export very often with the same 45 fields selected. It is a pain having to find and select each of those individual fields each time I do an export.

It would be AMAZING if there is a way to save what fields you’ve selected for repeated future exports. Is there an add-on for this. I’ve searched and can not find one. Anyone have ideas?

It would be a VERY NICE Add-on!


Hi Joe. This is not a feature of Gravity Forms, but there are a couple of plugin options.

This one offers that feature:

It shows that it has not been tested with the latest WordPress so you will want to verify that it still works.

Also, Gravity Hopper includes a “Repeatable Export” module that remembers checked fields for a form so that you can export the same every time.

Finally, the Entry Automation plugin from ForGravity should also allow that same selection of 45 of 100 fields for each export, with the additional benefit of being able to schedule the exports and have them run automatically:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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Great. Thank you for the info Chris!

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