Save and Continue Link - Modify Location of it?

Hi, this is only the second time I’ve used Gravity Forms and this time round the client has asked for a massive form to be done which has 7 sections in it! They don’t want it to be split over pages, so I have to stick with the one big massive scrolling form! The Save and Continue link would be a great feature, but currently the only option where it appears is at the bottom of the very long form - I’m assuming no one will get to see this unless they’ve already filled it all in and then there’s no point in having it there!

Ideally it would be great to have the link displayed at the bottom of the screen at all times, so even when you scroll down the page it will still be there - so if there was a shortcode/script I could put into an info bar that would be great, but I haven’t been able to find anything in the documentation or on any posts for this, it’s probably a bit too specific.

I’d be grateful of any help as I’m totally stuck!


Hi Paul,

I am asking a similar question about the location, but I thought I would provide you another option to a very long form, check out this plugin, it will make sections collapsable and then make the form less lengthy

I hope someone can help us with the Save and Continue Location.



Hi Ken

That’s a great option, thanks for the suggestion, however, unfortunately I don’t think our client will be too keen on paying out more money! It would look much neater though!

Hopefully someone might be able to come up with a solution as to how to change the location of the Save and Continue link instead.