Remove / Block characters from from entry

I am just wondering if and how it is possible to either block or remove = and , from form entries.

When consolodating the data it is creating issuess with my CSV when I am delimiting form entry data in Microsoft Excel.

I am using Gravity forms and woocommerce and need to export a CSV so we can tabulate the entries. The gravity forms entries are compiled into a single colum on the woocommerce export so we need to create colums to calculate the data. Having “=” and “,” in the entries creates havoc with the data colums so I am unable to create a macro to process it all.

Hi Sean. Do you want to alter the data before it is stored, so you never store an equal or a comma, or do you want to alter that data before it is exported, so that it does not mess with your work in Excel?

If you want to prevent the = or , from being saved in any field, you can use the gform_save_field_value() filter:

If you want to filter out those characters before export, you can use the gform_leads_before_export() filter:

You will need to create the regex or string replacement to strip those characters out, but those are two places where you could do it. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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