Reduce font size

How do I reduce font size? The “No File Selected” is truncated, since the text is too large.

Hi Joel. I would not make the font smaller. Try making the container larger. You can add this CSS to your theme (or child theme) stylesheet or via the Appearance Customizer (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS):

body .gform_wrapper div.ginput_container_fileupload input[type="file"] {

Here’s what your form looks like after that is applied: firefox yqfWlgaKzU.png • Droplr

Let us know if you need anything else.

Cool. Quick and easy fix.

One small related issue: Text/Cell and Select Payment option are not horizontally aligned. Is there a fix for that?

Ideally, Text/Cell would be vertically lowered.

The fields are lined up actually. Take a look here: firefox tC9KyifCYk.png • Droplr

I assume you want the text TEXT / CELL NUMBER (Optional) to be the same vertical alignment with “Select Payment Option”. Does this look better? firefox kodw5xyyRi.png • Droplr

If so, you can add this CSS:

body .gform_wrapper #field_19_118 {
	padding-top: 26px;