Radio Buttons - Finding Which Answer Got The Most Results

I’m trying to do something similar to what’s in this topic:

I have a form with 5 questions. Each question is a radio button with values of A, B, or C.

I’d like to show a different confirmation message based on which question got the most answers.

If the person answers A two at least 2 items, show Confirmation 1
If the person answers B two at least 2 items, show Confirmation 2
If the person answers C two at least 2 items, show Confirmation 3
If A and B tie, if A and C tie, if B and C tie, show Confirmation 4

But I’m getting stuck with figuring out how to count how many times each letter is selected.


Can you please export the form (instructions) and send that json file via email to me at or share that somewhere and post the link there (if there is nothing confidential or personal in it.) Thank you.

File sent, thanks!

I have it and I will look at that in a bit. Thank you.

Hi David. I replied to your email with some code. Thank you.

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