Radio button with one field visible only to logged user [RESOLVED]

Hi there. I have a form with a radio button field. One of these choices should be visible only to logged users (or better…only to admins). How do i handle this? Thanks

Hiding one choice only is not a feature of Gravity Forms. What you could do is using two different radio buttons fields, one with all the choices, and another one without the choice you don’t want to display to certain users.

Then add a Hidden field to your form, to store the username or role. For example, to store the username you can just put the {user:user_login} merge tag as Default Value of your Hidden field.

Then you can use that Hidden field for conditional logic rules in your radio buttons fields, to display one or another if the Hidden field is empty or not (the field would have a value only for logged in users).

Thank you for this…that was my alternative idea.