Pulling reports from form information

We will have 3 forms (session, student, coach) to enter information. The session is a form showing the interaction between the student and the coach (basically need all information in joined student/session and coach/session). I am used to working with MySql to pull reports. Would I create a new form to pull this report (reporting all sessions for coach x with student y)? Also, I would like have a “calculated” field (say student retention) - would Gravity forms help me there?

Hi Janice. If you are comfortable pulling the data directly and creating the reports in your own format, you could use a Gravity Forms form to collect all the data from all your audiences. And then you can use our API functions to pull the data out of the database:

Or if you are pulling the data from a location separate from your Gravity Forms installation, you can use the REST API:

There is no built in reporting in Gravity Forms, so creating those reports would be up to you. However, the forms will do a great job of collecting all your data, and you can use our API to access the raw data in the database. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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