Pulling Data From Old Gravity Forms Entries To ACF User Meta Data


Does anyone know of a method or plugin that will help us do the following:

We have a Gravity Form registration form which uses the User Registration add-on to create user accounts.

As part of that process, we ask the user for their Date Of Birth. We then use a calculation field to work out their current age, and then we display different conditional fields based on the calculation.

When we designed and built the form, there was no requirement to store the Date Of Birth in the user meta. However that has now changed and we will now be storing the date using ACF Pro custom fields to populate the field, which is not an issue.

We have over 14,000 members/user accounts that do not have that date stored.

Does anyone know of a method or plug-in whereby we could pull that historical data from the entries into each user records matched on the email address?



That sounds like a case where using the WordPress CLI would be very approachable.
The Gravity Forms add-on for the CLI combining with the wp user meta commands.

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