Print the current entry before reject or approve a change in a form

we’re using a system where i can reject or approve any entry but I would like to see what is the exactly the change that user makes before making an approval.
we found something like this to test

GFCommon::log_debug( 'gform_after_update_entry: original_entry => ' . print_r( $original_entry, 1 ) );
GFCommon::log_debug( 'gform_after_update_entry: updated entry => ' . print_r( $entry, 1 ) );

the idea is we’ll be to compare the original entry with a change/update made in the same entry.

let us know if this makes sense and if this is something we could solve

thank you!

Hi @frontpor,

The action you probably want to hook your code to is gform_after_update_entry. The ’ Log the entry before and after update.’ section shows something very close to what you are trying to do. With some formatting, you could likely use array_diff to compare the two entry arrays and then GFAPI::update_entry_field to store the result back into the entry so your approval/decision can see it or be used in merge tags with a notification.

Two other plugins that you may want to look at depending on how complex your approval or tracking requirements are.


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