Prevent paste input into date picker field [RESOLVED]

Hi, I’m looking for a jQuery snippet to prevent pasting a date into the date field.
I have added restricted dates to the calendar and disabled the possibility to edit the date, but it is still possible to copy paste a date directly into the date field.
Hope someone can help.

Try this:

    jQuery('input.datepicker').on("cut copy paste",function(e) {

If it’s specific to one field, you could place it in an HTML field in that form between <script type="text/javascript"></script>, and change the selector from input.datepicker to the ID of the specific input, eg. #input_5_9

Hope this helps!

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Hi Scott,
Thanks for your suggestions. It’s working perfectly.

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Glad to help! You can mark this question as solved by clicking the solution button to the left of the like button on my original answer to accept it as a solution. :slight_smile:

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