Position Entry Tracker


We’re building a sign-up form for our upcoming product launch and want to do a waitlist type thing for every time a person signs up so that when we beta launch our product, people get to try it on a first come first serve basis.

Is there a way for Gravity Forms to track that? And if there is, is it possible to tell the person what number they are in on the waitlist? For example, it can say, “Thanks for signing up. You are Person #450 of 1000.” Or something like that.

The Entry ID is sequential, starting at #1, for the all forms. If you use only one form, then each submission will get a number, such as “You are person 450 of 1000.” The 450 would be the entry ID. That is available after the form is submitted, so you can use that in the notification email, and on the confirmation page. Will that work for you?

If you have multiple forms and would like to track the “position” for a specific form (or each form), my Gravity Forms Unique ID will allow you to track the sequential ordering of each entry within the context of the given form.

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