PayPal Icons are not centered. Help

Im lost at what to do. I’m using elementor and adding the form using Essential addons. Everything works right except the paypal buttons. It also looks that way when I use the preview on the backend. Am I the only person having this issue??? Im using The7theme

Hello Alberto. If you share the URL to the page on your site where we can see your form, we might be able to see what styles are being applied to the form that could be doing that. Thank you.

Sure. thank you so much

Hi Alberto. I can’t see the site there:

My apologies i just opened it up.

Hi Chris were you able to look at the form I posted?

HI Alberto. I just looked at it. If you test this form in the form preview, are the PayPal buttons centered when you view it there?

This is what I get.

Thanks Alberto. Can you please export the form and send the JSON file to me by email at ?

Thank you.

Ok, I just sent it.

Thank You

Check an email from

Hi Alberto. I received the email with the form. But I see also that you have a support ticket. We will reply there. Thank you.