Merge gravity form tags based on user profile on a private user page

on a confirmation page I can use merge tags like {:36} an dpu tthem into another shortcode to make nice entries.

I now want to make a private user page for my site subscribers with merge tags in it like {:36}.

I tried it on a normal page but that doesn’t work.

For the chart I already use MaxiCharts that has a way to only show the data for the logged in in user based on email adres

I cannot find anything in the docs about it. Do you have a tip? A third party plugin?

I think this plugin will do what you want to do:

[edited link]

thanks, i think you meant this.
As I read it I assume ists only for redirecting the tags a a /thank-you-page but you say its also working for a page not connected to a form? I ask gravitywiz…

Sorry about that. I mangled the link. I fixed the original post. This is the solution I was recommending: