Markup weirdness (bug?) in multi-column list field

The list field markup, as of October 2021, seems to have a bug.

Generally the input field markup for a multicolumn list field has an attribute “aria-label” which takes the form aria-label="{column label}, Row {row number}", eg aria-label=“Event Date, Row 3.” (In this example, the aria-label for the input field in the 2nd column might be something like aria-label=“Event Title, Row 3.”)

However when a new row is added using the augmenter to the right of the row, the new field’s aria-labels are all identical, taking the form “{the first column’s label}, Row {row number}.” In my example above, after adding a row, the aria labels for the input fields in both columns 1 and 2 would be aria-label=“Event Date, Row 4.”

I presume this is a bug - I’d been using the attribute in some jQuery, and couldn’t figure out why my script wasn’t working. Once I saw what the problem was, it was easily gotten around it by retrieving the column name in each iteration from the wrapping div’s data-label.

If the user adds a row and then uses “save and continue later” to save the partial entry, and then subsequently returns to the form to complete it, the aria-labels are all in what I’m presuming is the “correct” configuration - aria-label="{column label}, Row {row number}."

Just wanted to report what I’m seeing, in case the developers want to add this oddity to their punch list.

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Thanks for identifying this. I’ve passed the issue on to our product team.

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