Load Gravity Forms via AJAX

Yep, it has conditional logic. But apparently the fact that the display:none wasn’t removed is actually a sign that other parts of the form haven’t been initialized correctly. If you look that the BOX A, BOX B etc… These should actually start hidden and only shown when certain questions are answered YES.

So it is like GravityForms hasn’t been loaded correctly

Yep, definitely conditional forms only…

I just put this non-conditional form on a new page and it works fine…


Hopefully someone from Gravity can fix this?

Interestingly, the preview of the form in the elementor form builder in now working for both the conditional and non-conditional form (the preview was broken in v2.5.2, but in 2.5.3 is it working)

The legacy this I enabled while trying to troubleshooting.

I guess I could override the style:none, but then I’d all need to apply some more CSS to hide all the questions that should start hidden - but I think it would be best if Gravity could fix this in some way

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