Issu with list field on form

hello, to the community,

My first post here, i get an issu with the gravity form list-field.

The characters are all very strange in the field list, attached photo i don’t understand why?

Thank for your help.


I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue, so we can see what is going on:

Thank you.

i do not have Gravity Forms license yet so i cant open ticket. but if it is not work in test how can i buy it?

Are you using the free demo site to create this form?

im trying it for a customer a GPL version before buy for production.


In that case, I recommend using our Contact Form here to ask your question.

We will likely need the URL of the site and possibly an admin login for the site, so we can check it out.

Depending on where you obtained the software, it could also be corrupt and creating this issue. I recommend testing this out in our free demo where the software is all exactly as we distribute it and up to date with the latest versions. You can use the following link to spin up a demo site where you can test Gravity Forms and all the official add-ons for several days: Sign Up for the Gravity Forms Demo Today

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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