Is input mask support everything we need?

hi , before i buy GravityForm i have question about input mask and how could we limit characters or allow only special characters and numbers for field

cause i read this :

and it seems input mask have only some “a” and “9” functions that use for create postal code or global phone numbers

what if i want more ? is Gravity Form support it ?

for example

i want to have filed that user can input website url or only accept email

for sample only can input telegram channel link like this :****

In addition to using the input mask feature you mention here, you can also use the filter gform_validation or gform_field_validation to run the values through any PHP function prior to submission and use the filter gform_validation_message to return specific messages related to any failure.

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thank u so much Dear Joshua

it seems gfotm_field_validation is exactly what i need

but i`m amateur in php . Do you think after i buy this plugin i could find a right php code to put in function.php ??

cause the sample code i see in GravityForm help is too complicated for me

is there any Demo version that i can install and try on localhost to see that work for me or not before buy ??

Anyone can help me ? i really need to figure it out

HI @arioman. You can set up a free demo to try Gravity Forms and any other custom code you want (you can edit the theme functions.php file on the demo site.) You can use the following link to spin up a demo site where you can test Gravity Forms and all the official add-ons for several days:

You’re also welcome to purchase a license and try it out on your own site and if turns out that Gravity Forms does not work for your use-case, you can always request a refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

Here is our refund policy:

Thank you.

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