HTML message if Country selected in field 1 = Country selected in field 2

Hello there,

I am looking for a simple solution for this case.
I would like to have an HTML field for a message if the user select the same country in my list field 1 and my list field 2

is it possible without coding?

Thanks for your help!


Here’s a snippet to add support for field to field conditional logic in Gravity Forms, which may work for you. So for example, if the ID of the second field is 10, you would set up the conditional logic like so;


I hope this helps.


thank you Samuel!

Just to understand, I have to copy past the snippet code in my gw-field-to-field-conditional-logic.php to be enable to set the logical condition {:10} instead of the pre filled replies ?



I don’t really understand the question you’re asking, but you have to add the snippet on the GitHub page to enable field to field conditional logic. Here’s an article on how to add a snippet to your website.


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