How to slice a form into two parts without reload page


I need to slice a Gravityform into two parts. The first part has to be shown in a different ‘DIV’ as the second part. Is that even possible?

What I want:

  • First I want to show ‘DIV1’ with the first part of te form
  • When I click on a button ‘DIV1’ will hide and ‘DIV2’ will show with the second part of the form without reloading the page.

I found the ‘page’ option, but that doesn’t work for me because it reloads the page and my JS code doesn’t work anymore.

Hopefully there is a solution for my problem.

The use case described can’t be done using Gravity Forms out of the box. You would need to hire someone to create a custom solution for you.

That said, if you need to use some JS for your form, you’ll want to use the gform_post_render filter to ensure your code runs always when the form is available.

You can also enable ajax submission for the form to prevent page reload. If you’re using the shortcode just add ajax=“true” to the shortcode parameters.

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