How to show approved and pending entries on front end for approvers

Currently only pending entries showing to approver I want to show both pending or approved means all entries which assigned to approver that might be pending or approved by that approver.

Hi Corbyn. If you are using GravityView by GravityKit or Gravity Flow, you will want to check with them on how to accomplish this. If you are using another method to display approved and pending entries, please let us know what that is. Thank you.

thanks for your response.
I am using gravity flow to assign entries to approver so that approver can approve or reject their assigned entries and using gravityView to view their assigned entries but problem is that only pending entries showing to that approver I want to show pending and approved both entries to that approver which are pending or approved by that approver.
Hope so you understand it. Thanks

Hi Corbyn. In that case, I recommend asking GravityView how to do that based on the status assigned in Gravity Flow. Thank you.

How can i ask from gravity view?

You can contact GravityView (by GravityKit) support here:

Unfortunately the ability to track assignee history after an entry has moved past the step is not currently available within Gravity Flow. It is on our roadmap for development. Until that is an out-of-box feature, neither a view (GravityView) or Inbox/Status block (Gravity Flow) would be able to implement what you are aiming for without some custom code. Likely something along the lines of:

GravityView likely has an equivalent way to accomplish the last point if using it. Referring to the GFAPI docs for searching for entries will likely help in both cases for examples around the meta query.