How to Reposition Submit Button Spinner [RESOLVED]

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I searched the web (including this forum), but found no answers. Is their any way we can apply a custom CSS code or snippet to reposition the spinner?

For example, instead of displaying the spinner next to the Submit button, we would like to have it appear on top of the Submit button after the button is clicked. Would be nice.

If nothing possible at this time, how 'bout introducing a new feature (setting) into Gravity Forms to accomplish this (plus more)? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Jonathan. You can reposition the spinner using CSS. This will apply to the AJAX spinner:

body .gform_wrapper .gform_ajax_spinner {
	margin-top: -5px;
	margin-left: -40px;
	position: absolute;

The values you need will be up to you to establish.

In researching alternatives to this, I found this page:

The article is written for an earlier version of Gravity Forms (the article image shows the old spinner graphic) and this criticism of the spinner animation:


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