How to number my questions, and likert question

Hi. New with Gravity Forms and have 2 questions.

  1. Maybe I’m missing something simple. I’d like my questions to be numbered (e.g. “1. What is your opinion of …”). I can add "1. " to the beginning of each question, but then when the question wraps the number is not offset to the left. Is there a way to number my questions?

  2. I purchased Gravity Forms basic license to make one form, which has 8 questions. One of the questions is a likert-style question, with 5 items rated on a 1-5 scale. I see that I have to purchase the Elite license in order to set this up, which is overkill for one question on one form. Can anyone suggest a creative way to achieve this without having an Elite license? Is there an add-on that will do this? Or creative layout and css?

Thanks. Andy