How to display Webhook Response in Delayed Notification Emails

Good morning,

Once a customers fills out our form, we use GF Webhook to send the information to a 3rd party. We need to display the response from the 3rd party in the confirmation email that the customers receives (which is delayed using Gravity Forms Delayed Notifications Doppio). Does anyone know how I can use GF Webhooks to display a response in the confirmation email?

Thank you.

The webhook response is not available before the confirmation is shown, so you won’t be able to use that information there. If you need to use the data returned by the 3rd party, you will need to use an earlier hook or filter, rather than the Webhooks add-on. You could use gform_pre_submission to contact the 3rd party, and then use the response in the entry, confirmation and notification:

Thanks Chris, i’m looking into gform_pre_submissions.