How to contact Gravity Plus (


I paid 49 USD for a year of support to Gravity Plus ( in september, and now I need their help as the plugin Send to Third-Party doesn’t send datas.

I couldn’t find any sort of logging page in their website, so I went to their contact page, but their form doesn’t seem to send my request :neutral_face: :no_mouth:.

Does any one know if they still exist, and where to contact them ?


I’d reach out to @naomicbush on this forum or on Twitter at @NaomiCBush.

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Thanks @uamv :wave: You can always find us here as Twitter has not been an effective support channel for us.

@Bingo I just checked and we reached out to you as soon as you purchased, and you replied to us :face_with_monocle: We’ve had the same contact information for the last 7 years — nothing has changed.

Our contact page here also works (as long as you don’t try to spam it :wink:). I see a request from you arrived at 1am this morning and support opens at 9am. Give us a bit and it will certainly get handled.


Thanks @uamv :beers:.


Thanks @naomicbush,

Yesterday the form wouldn’t confirm after sending.

In my contact message I wasn’t describing the trouble, just asking how to contact the support. What is more convenient for you in order to exchange about my problem : using this forum or email ?

BTW, since I am in a kind of emmergency here, I also opened a help request on this forum with more decription about the bug, please have a look here : Need someone to fix Add on "Send to Third-Party".