How do i get previous version of gravity forms [RESOLVED]

Our eway payment gateway plugin is not working with gravity forms 2.5
How can I get a copy of 2.4 until eway fixes this

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G’day Phillip,

Both the free and pro versions of the eWAY add-ons have been tested with GF 2.5, and made compatible. Please contact me via my support form and we can work through what’s broken.

BTW, eWAY don’t make those plugins; that’s something we do (WebAware). eWAY will probably redirect you to us!


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Hi Phillip. Rolling back to a previous version of Gravity Forms is not supported. I recommend contacting WebAware as Ross suggested to work through whatever issue there may be with the payment add-on. Thank you.

The issue was another plugin for suppressing duplicate entries. It’s old and has not been updated for GF 2.5… or even WP 5…

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