How can i place a comma and decimal point in number field [RESOLVED]

how can i place a comma and decimal point in an empty number field ie


much thanks

Hi Gabriel, can you use a text field, with the input mask? This would be the mask:


Assuming you want numbers there not text. On a website, that looks like this:

firefox rElGZYmb43.png • Droplr (the underscore is the placeholder, and only numbers will be accepted.)

Or, can you set up a placeholder with that exact xx,xxx.xx text? That will be the hint on what to fill in, but that is visual only, and won’t prevent other input there.

i have achieved what i was going for thanks so much Chris. I have so many questions re formatting I will be posting here I am grateful for your patience thanks again.

You’re welcome. Feel free to open as many topics here as you need to :wink:

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