Help with List Label positioning

I used some CSS to adjust the width of the columns in a list on this page but now I cannot seem to position the Percentage label correctly to match the column. Any suggestions would be IMMENSELY appreciated as I’ve been playing with this for two long and am going cross-eyed at this point.

It’s the list under the Academic Data section.

As a follow up, I just realized the page was set to require login to view but I have since adjusted that.

This is unfortunately very time sensitive. Are there no solutions for this or is it just another limitation of gravity forms?

Hi Amanda. For time sensitive issues, I recommend using a support ticket:

I tried to view the page to see the list field but I don’t have access to that content and don’t see an “Academic Data” section to navigate to: Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 11.33.25-fullpage.png - Droplr

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