Gravity Forms + PublishPress Future = Dynamic Expiration Date

Hey all. I put this question to the PublishPress Future plugin support on and would appreciate if you’d upvote the feature request so this can be done without my doing a bunch of custom code :wink:

I use Gravity Forms to create posts for a Ride Exchange site on our campus intranet. The form contains a field labeled “Departure Date” which is output in the post content.

How might I use the field data to set the Expiration upon Post creation?

What is the custom code that you currently write to do this?
Something via the gform_advancedpostcreation_post_after_creation perhaps?

If you have both Gravity Flow and APC installed, there is an Update Post step type available. That would allow you to change the status of the post (Trashed? Expired from PublishPress?) based on the step schedule being based off the date field of the form.

See this doc for setup overview or if that doesn’t quite fit your use case, a custom step could give you a flexible way to re-use that custom code written once across multiple forms (making the date field and field that stores Post ID settings to select).


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