Gravity Form translation for states [RESOLVED]

Hi, thanks for providing me with the code for translating the country,
can you also give me the code for translating the US States?
thank you

I recommend opening a support ticket for that. It will use this filter:

Yes. I already wrote to support two times. No one replied.

I did not see any other tickets from you. I just went through all of them and there are none unanswered. This is what the code will look like:

add_filter( 'gform_us_states', function ( $states ) {
	$states = array(
			'District of Columbia',
			'New Hampshire',
			'New Jersey',
			'New Mexico',
			'New York',
			'North Carolina',
			'North Dakota',
			'Rhode Island',
			'South Carolina',
			'South Dakota',
			'West Virginia',
			'Armed Forces Americas',
			'Armed Forces Europe',
			'Armed Forces Pacific'
	return $states;

thank you for this, it’s so weird. i am very sure i submitted the ticket TWICE. wonder why it was lost. anyways. maybe there is a direct email for me to submit ticket next time?

No, the ticket process is the best way. I’m sorry yours was lost. We are getting tickets so the system is working overall. It was have been something specific to your ticket. I’ll check the spam folder and the logs.