Gform_require_login does not work [RESOLVED]

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried using the gform_require_login filter as described in the documentation using the filter below in functions.php.

add_filter( ‘gform_requires_login’, ‘__return_true’ );

This filter should enable required login in all forms. However, it seems like it’s not doing anything when being used inside functions.php in WP Twenty Twenty-Two theme. Am I using this filter correctly?

The filter name is gform_require_login not requires. Are you using the correct filter name?

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Yes, that was one of the issues, also the previous version of the plug-in only supported this filter in api. The online documentation also had this incorrect filter usage mentioned online, but the support team and the most recent plug-in update helped fix both.

Thank you. The update to included a fix for this. If you need anything else, please continue with the support ticket.