GFAPI::submit_form, how to submit multiple forms at once with custom input values? [RESOLVED]

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to programmaticaly submit some forms, where each form contains a field called “User Id” with the ID 999.

Here’s what my code looks like :

$input_values['input_999'] = $user_id; // for exemple 19

            foreach ($forms as $form){

                $result = GFAPI::submit_form( $form, $input_values );


Where $forms would for example be :
$forms = [57,58,59,60,61];

But when this code runs,
all the forms are indeed submitted.

But only the first form of the array $forms[0]
receives the $input_values and the proper user id.

All the other ones are instead filled with “0” instead of the given id.

This happens every time I used multiple GFAPI::submit_form.

Does any one know what I’m doing wrong ?

GFAPI::submit_form() isn’t designed to be used in a loop; you’ll need to perform some cleanup at the end of each loop e.g.

    $result = GFAPI::submit_form( $form_id, $input_values );
    $_POST = array();
    GFFormDisplay::$submission = array();

This worked perfectly !

Thank you, I was expecting such a behavior but couldn’t figure it out myself. Huge thanks

Glad you have been able to resolve your issue @jonathanpak!

For others that might be reading this ticket after and looking for a solution that doesn’t involve code to do a similar task, the Gravity Flow Form Connector extension provides a no-code approach. With its’ create an entry step you also have flexibility to control what field(s) are mapped from the originating entry into the other form entries.