Getting entry fields from gravity form

I am working on using Gravity Forms to submit to a third party API. I have been reading the documentation for gform_after_submission and I can’t figure out how to refer to the fields in my form when I submit the values that are in the form. I am seeing things like this:

$body = array(
    'brand' => $entry['20'],
    'product' => $entry['22'],
    'form_id' => $entry['21'],
    'title' => $entry['24'],
    'fname' => $entry['23'],
    'lname' => $entry['17'],
    'postcode' => $entry['14'],
    'address1' => $entry['2.1'],
    'address2' => $entry['2.2'],
    'town' => $entry['2.3'],
    'county' => $entry['2.4']   

However, I have no idea where they get what the entry is on the Gravity form I created. I appreciate any help I can get in this.


Hi Jerry. gform_after_submission can be applied to all forms or individual forms. When you apply it to an individual form like this:

add_action( 'gform_after_submission_93', 'send_to_api', 10, 2 );

That means when form 93 is submitted, this hooks runs, and you have an $entry you can access, like this:

add_action( 'gform_after_submission_93', 'send_to_api', 10, 2 );
function send_to_api( $entry, $form ) {
	// take what was submitted in field 21 of the entry and
	// assign it to $some_variable
	$some_variable = rgar ( $entry, '21' );
	// do something with that variable

I used the helper function rgar to access to $entry:

Does that make sense? Because gform_after_submission runs after every form submission (of submissions for a specific form if you limit it like I did) you will have a single $entry where you can find all the information that was submitted in the form.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


It does make sense. And helps a lot. Where I am stuck is how would I use the JSON file I have with those form IDs. That documentation helps but not with nested JSON. I’ve almost wanted to see if I can use the enqueue and then when the form submits I use Javascript since that is what I am more familiar with. But getting the IDs of each of the form elements to stay the same would be tricky.

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