Get field values for a specific page

I have a multipart form which shows or hides a message depending upon the users input. The form shows some questions and if the user answers “YES”, to all questions on a page, the next page shows a message. At the same time, the overall score is incremented.

To make the form a little more admin/user friendly and to avoid extra coding if the form changes, I want to get the values for the fields on specific pages. So if an admin/user wants to add extra questions, no additional coding would be required to give the same answer.

This way I intended checking all fields for the each page requiring evaluation are TRUE, and then using the confirmation hook provide an overall score.

To get information from each page as the visitor proceeds through the form, you can read the $_POST.

You can use the rgpost() function:

There are also a couple of built-in methods that may give you the correct time to get the values:

gform_post_paging hook:

gform_post_render JavaScript filter:

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