Form value for field with Merge Tag as title not being displayed in slack message [RESOLVED]


I am having an issue displaying the value of a field whose title is a merge tag (see attachment 1 and field @{:27}) in a slack message.

I would like to have the value the user inputs into this field when submitting the form displayed in a slack message. Here’s how I have it configured:

  1. Form Configuration

  2. Slack Add-on message configuraiton:

A new *{Type of content:1}* (#{entry_id}) has just been submitted



Check it out here: ({entry_url}).
  1. Output of the slack message:
A new Content Resource (#213) has just been submitted
{@Resource Name:3}
My favorite place !
Check it out here: (https://...../wp-admin/admin.php?page=gf_entries&view=entry&id=1&lid=213).

Note that “Resource Name” is the correct title, but I would like to retrieve the value of this field, not the title.

Incase anyone has this same issue, I resolved this by using {:3} instead of the auto-filled format by Gravity Forms. Now returns the value if the field.