Force Number of Digits for Calculated Number Field

Sometimes a calculation in a number field yields a whole number without a decimal (ie “25”). Sometimes it isn’t a whole number and has a decimal (ie “14.6”). I’d like for the result of the calculation on particular fields (not form- or site-wide) to be forced to show the decimal numbers, even if the calculation yields a whole number (ie “25.0”).

Is this possible?

I have the same problem too. I changed number format to currency and copy and paste the snippet from this link

and removed currency sign both symbol right and left. It works.

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I appreciate the reply.

However, this would result in always having 2 decimal places, wouldn’t it? How could you specify 1 decimal, 2 decimals, or even 3 decimals?

Yes, it would force however many decimals you use when you define the currency. What do you want to see, if not a fixed number of decimals always?