Field that can scan/read QR Code

Hi. We have trade show badges with QR codes on them that represent first name, last name, company and email address. We’d like to have a form that has a field that can scan the QR code (hopefully parsing that info into the separate fields).

Has anyone seen a way to have a field that RECEIVES (not generates) a QR code?




Could your generate the QR Code to use Query String parameters, so that when you scan the code on your mobile device, it opens a web page which has your form on it, and the fields are set up to accept values using dynamic population.

For example, I created a form and set it up to receive information via the query string. This is the query string I am using:

[SITE REMOVED]/?fname=Chris&lname=Hajer&

If you click that, you will see the form fields are filled in with data.

If you encode that into a QR Code, when you scan it, you end up at that web page and the data is filled in. If this method will work, the only thing left would be to autosubmit that page after populating the fields via the query string.

Here is a QR Code created from that URL:


Scan that, and the URL opens in the mobile browser, and the fields are filled in.

Maybe this approach will work for you?



That’s a super creative idea. The issue for us is that it’s a general QR code that’s used for more than this. So, I was hoping that there was a way to go to the form, click on a “cell” (field), use the camera on iOS to scan the QR code, and have that “decoded” for details, which could then be used for the form.

Any ideas?



There are ways to do that. They are external libraries which convert a file input into something that asks for camera access. You take a picture of the QR Code and then all the data from the QR Code goes into that one field. It does not get split into individual fields. At least none of the libraries I found did that. If you find one that works, we can see about incorporating it with Gravity Forms.

Incorporating something like that is more complicated than the approach I recommended earlier.

p.s. Zoho CRM has a field for this already built in:

GoCanvas does as well: