Fatal error upon form submit

Hey everyon,e

we are suffering a fatal error for the website eisberg-seminare.de
Since I am unable to access the backend of the website, unfortunately I am not able to provide a system report of the mentioned website.
The error occured after submitting a form via the contact page of the afflicted site while testing Conversions via GTM in the debug mode.
More precisely, first I entered my contact information though forgot to add the “@” sign in the email input field. An error occured, pointing me to the incorrect email address. I corrected the spelling and re-submitted the form. The loading circle started to run, but would not stop running. Basically there was no response of the submit form upon my second submission.
When refreshing the page, the error “Die Webseite ist nicht erreichbar” (The website is not accessible) turned up.
Furthermore, the error states “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”.
Now I am clueless on how to continue or where to head in order to fix this.
Anyone else had a similar issue by any chance?
Thankful for any thoughts on this!

Hi Samuel. Check the web server error logs - any fatal error should be logged by the server. If you’re not able to find anything there, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Thank you.