Dynamic solution wanted for: if radiobutton choice C on page 1, then show label of radiobutton C on page two etc

Hello dear community,

I hope there is someone here I can assign to implement the following:

I have an order form that spans several pages.

Now the user should dynamically see in small images (html labels) which fields he has previously selected.

A kind of progression in dynamic images based on the selected radio buttons.

The gravity form serves as a kind of product compilation for us.

Is this even possible? I am happy about offers for implementation.

Thank you very much,

Hi Stella. Gravity Wiz has a plugin called Populate Anything, which has a feature called “Live Merge Tags”. Here’s a description of the feature:

Live Merge Tags.
Add auto-updating merge tags anywhere inside your form (e.g. labels, descriptions, choices, values, HTML content).

I believe that is what you are looking for. I recommend contacting Gravity Wiz for assistance if that’s something you want to get more information about. Thank you.

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Hi Stella,

As Chris suggested, Live Merge tags would work for what you’re trying to do. You can use the Live Merge tags to get the selected radio button options and insert them in an HTML Field. You’ll need to get our GP Populate Anything Perk to use this feature. If you have any questions, you can contact us via our presales forms.


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