Dropdown to change field type

Add a dropdown to change a field type, say you have accidentally selected a radio button you could navigate to the top of the field where the field ID is listed and change it to a checkbox or a similar field type.

This would be helpful in maintaining your field IDs since you wouldn’t have to delete the field and select the one you wanted.
It would also reduce the amount of times you will get over halfway through setting up a field and realizing you chose the wrong field for that specific task.
You could avoid having to setup your conditional logic twice(would be especially nice when you’ve been trying for a long time to get something to work and it finally works)

Overall, I think it would reduce human error if they can go back and correct something and allow you to keep our field IDs to a minimum.

If anyone has an idea of how to improve this suggestion, please share it. I would love to see this added.