Display poll results from entry url only


Does anyone know how to filter the poll results to display only the submissions from the url the form was submitted on?

I have Ajax enabled and want the results to be specific to the entry url instead of all submissions site wide.

That way I can use the same form ID but have unique results on any given page, especially useful for auto generated posts.


Does anyone know how I can create a poll and only show the results of that pole on the page the form was filled out?

For example form 1 is on two separate urls.

On example url 1 someone answers yes to the poll.

On example url 2 someone answers no to the poll.

On each url there are the results of the poll. But I only want to show the poll results from example url 1 to be displayed example url 1 and the poll results submitted on example url 2 to be displayed on example url 2.

The same form but different results conditionally displaying the poll results from the form on that page and not another one.

Any mad geniuses out there care to help?

I would like to know this too. I have a poll that has 16 questions and separate pages for each, but the only way to get results is to wait until the end. I’d like to be able to show a result for each question on each page instead of having to wait until the very end to send the users that data.

Looks like no help, today.