Disable User Registration Feed New User Email?

I have a user registration feed form and feed setup to create the new user on manual approval. Since there is no pw option in the sign up form itself, the pw reset link is inlcuded in the email sent to the user. I have a custom email template that is used as the “welcome” email and is sent as one of the notifications when a user is approved. This welcome email also contain the pw reset link. There is no way for me to disable the generic email that is sent as the option is automatically selected and then grayed out in the feed settings.

[X] Send the new user an email about their account.
This setting is locked when Password is configured to “Set Password via Email Link”.

This is resulting in two login emails being sent. How can I go about disabling the generic login email that is sent?

Perhaps I’m no expert but what if you disabled the let ‘Have WordPress send this password to the new user by email.’ in the forms settings/user registration section?

Or you could always let them create their own password so there would be no need to send them a password anyways.

Hopefully someone from GF will chime in.

It could be your configuration though, I just pulled mine up and haven’t ever had one of the options in user registration prevent me from toggling it off.