Disable Entry Note

How can I disable the Entry Note, which is automatically and systemically registered?

Hi Soheil. Can you explain why you want to disable the entry note? Do you want to eliminate any entry note from being written for any entry? Any additional information you can provide will help us give you the best advice. Thank you.

I want to allow the user to add a note with Gravity View. That’s why I want to disable notes that are added automatically.

Thanks Soheil. Do the automatic notes prevent the user from adding a note with GravityView? I am still not clear on why the default notes should be prevented.

Because I don’t want the default information to be available to the user.

Entry notes have a few properties which indentify if they are added by a user, the system, or an add-on. I recommend checking with GravityView to see if there is a way to filter the notes they are displaying to just the user added notes.

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