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Hi, I have a customer who receives a lot of attachments every day, which over the years accumulate to several GB. Is it possible to get Gravity form to delete attachments that are more than 1 year old, for example ?
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My group is working on a Gravity add-on that offers two new functions for entries: archive and slice.

Archive = sends the entry to a separate database table so that it’s no longer in gf_entries and gf_entry_meta. Some of our sites have thousands of entries, which causes a huge performance hit over time. Of course, it’s possible to unarchive entries, too.

Slice = same as above but also deletes attachments.

This is not yet ready for widespread distribution, but I’ll get back to you when it is. In the meantime, a crude but effective method would be to browse to your Gravity Forms upload folders and simply sort the files by date to be purged manually.

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With Entry Automation, you can target entries submitted within a certain date range and delete select fields from an entry.

This would let you, for instance, target all entries that are at least a year old and delete any files uploaded to any of the file upload fields on the form.

Thanks for your solution, but it’s a pain to have to buy extension plugins :). I’m looking for a solution without that ideally.

yes, it’s true and simple ! Thanks !

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